Monday, July 5, 2010

Gabe Leonard: Talented Oil Painting Artist with Range

Juan and I stopped by the Fillmore Jazz Festival in San Francisco last weekend and met a very talented artist by the name of Gabe Leonard. Juan first discovered Gabe's work at San Diego State University's Art Fair a few years back, which featured his collection of oil paintings focused primarily on fantastical themes.

Image from Gabe Leonard's website: Raven's Memory

Image from Gabe Leonard's website: Mermaid

However, more recently, Gabe has been working on Wild West/Outlaw inspired pieces, which he showcased at the Fillmore Jazz Festival. We purchased a print of Dead Man's Hand to display in our new apartment, which desperately needed a final piece in the dining room (aka poker room).

It was a great honor meeting Gabe and I hope he continues to pursue his dream as a background painter in feature animation.

Gabe Leonard at Fillmore Jazz Festival 2010

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