Wednesday, May 5, 2010

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Julieta Venegas, George Lopez & Arizona Immigration Law

Despite the ridiculous immigration law that was recently passed by the governing idiots in Arizona, I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with friends and the Latino community to show support against Arizona's new immigration law. The new law disregards our basic principles of equal rights and sanctions racial profiling.

I will be joining some friends at the Fox Theater in Oakland where Julieta Venegas, a beautiful and talented Mexican singer/songwriter, will be performing tonight. Check out her music video below:

Below is a hilarious performance by George Lopez, an American comedian/actor, that ridicules Arizona's new immigration law. (Paula - thanks for posting on Facebook!)

To show your support against Arizona's new immigration law, join this Facebook Group and learn more about what you can do.


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