Friday, April 30, 2010

Styling Gel for Douchebags: got2b magnetik

I'm not one who uses the term douchebag too often, but I couldn't resist when I found my housemate/roommate* with a tube of got2b's "magnetik" gel! He apparently didn't read the label, which is certainly marketed at douchebags (like these guys), and purchased two for the price of one. [Note: He didn't read the label and bought it because got2b products are actually quality hair products --- but of course I still felt compelled to give him a hard time about it]

The front label reads:

magnetik (with a lightning bolt to dot the "i")
styling GEL
[with pheromones]

4: guys who wants hold, polish, game

Oh wait, it gets worse!!!

The back label reads:

got2b magnetik styling gel contains pheromones - a man's secret edge to make the ladies take notice. So get your game on...because this stuff delivers firm hold and natural shine - AND gets the ladies revved up.

Work it: Apply a generous amount evenly through damp or dry hair. Use cautiously at first until you know your true magnetik effect.

Typing the label just makes me a bit queasy and embarrassed for any guy who reads this and thinks to himself, "yeah, this stuff will definitely get me some action with the ladies!"

* Completely off topic, but if you are sharing an apartment with someone and have separate bedrooms, do you refer to them as your housemate or roommate?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Communication between Account Executives, Creatives and Clients: Hella Lost in Translation

This video pretty much sums up how account executives, creatives and clients interact (dare I say communicate?) together to come up with *creative* campaign ideas. If you're in the industry, you'll surely enjoy this video. Now that I'm living in San Francisco, I had to include the word "hella" in the title :)

Some of my favorite quotes from the video:

"The clients are going to be here in two minutes and they want to meet with the creatives. C'mon, get into your outfits!" - Account Executive

"I love it. You absolutely nailed it. I'd like to run these right now! No changes...except for we're going to need to change this city scene to a country road, and I'm not sure about this color-scheme because it's too on brand...and we're going to need to make the logo bigger, but feel smaller...and change the tag line completely, otherwise great job - this is a HOMERUN guys!" - Client

"I don't even know what tweeting means, but this isn't going to make me want to do it" - Client

"Some of these changes are very different from what Don told us what you guys were looking for." - Creative

"No worries, we'll get right on those changes. Good thing is that it's approved." - Account Executive

"Budget has been cut, campaign is over" - Client

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Attention Cheetos Fans! This is a Work of Art Just for You

For those of you who know me, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of Cheetos. However, I think the person who created this work of art might possibly be a bigger fan than moi.

Jason Baalman - you are truly talented - what an inspiration!

EclecticAsylumArt Limited Edition Prints available now.

Music "Rocking with Elvis"
by Dean Vegas
(Elvis Tribute Artist)

The Story behind the painting.

If you have watched some of my other videos you have noticed I sometimes use common objects in an artistic way. I do this because many types of art are far removed from the average person. Creating art with things people come in contact with in their daily lives closes that gap.

So the idea for this piece came from...what else...eating cheetos. My fingers turned orange and I noticed it created an accidental mark on my clothes. From there my thoughts went to fabric as a made me think of velvet paintings. The Virgin of Guadalupe, Unicorns, and probably the most famous incarnation of velvet painting. The Velvet Elvis. It's kitsch. It's cheesy. Thus a Velvet Elvis painted with cheese puffs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The iPad Hype: Is it worth $500?

I just happened to be at the Apple store in Union Square (San Francisco) when the iPad released in stores two days ago. By the looks of things, everyone seemed to be fiddling around with the iPad trying to figure out if it's worth shelling out $500 for a ginormous iPhone! Here is a comparison chart put together by Engadget:


Impressed? I'm not convinced that it would replace my laptop, kindle and iPod! Maybe the guys at were on to something when they came up with this April Fool's Joke...

My friend came up with the idea to attach it to his car's dashboard to act as a GPS system, music player, laptop, and TV screen. Do you think this is a good idea? Or is it just crazy? Or does it have driving violation written all over it? I imagine it would look something like this :)