Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pancake just around the corner!

Growing up in America, we didn't celebrate Pancake Day like they do here in the UK. The idea behind Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) is for people to indulge in things they would have to forgo during lent, such as fat, butter and eggs - all the ingredients you need for pancakes!

To help prepare parents for next month's celebration, my colleagues (Fleishman Hillard) and I invited parent bloggers and their little ones to join us for a Pancake cookery class with TV and radio presenter, Emma Forbes.

Here is a little preview of how the event went today...

(Disclosure: I currently work for Fleishman Hillard and Tate & Lyle is currently a client. Fleishman Hillard collaborated with Tate & Lyle to host the blogger cookery event in London)

A special thanks to Tim Atkinson, Karin Joyce, Hannah Gray, and Emma Forbes for schlepping all the way to London in such awful weather.

Thanks to those of you who tuned in to our first Live Webcast @rosiescribble @caroljs @clareybabble @makedomum @jumblymummy @clairelancaster @bestem @SarahJLCooper @Georgeous1 @7david7 @genevievevarela @muertemaria

It's all about #PancakeFun with Lyle's Golden Syrup!!!

BTW - The fire alarm actually did go off for five seconds...but this time it wasn't my fault! :)


Unknown said...

Looks like you all had a good time, wish I could have been there! Although if I had, you would have truly seen how many pancakes I can eat!

Anonymous said...

It was such a shame I couldn't make it. The weather in the Midlands was hazardous. I enjoyed watched it via the live streaming though, and yes, I did hear the fire alarm go off and the look of panic on everyone's faces! It all looked great fun. I see Tim is (slightly) bragging about his pancake flip on his blog today. We may never hear the end of it!!

Kim Hong said...

@clareybabble Is that a challenge? I'm up for a pancake eating contest - you name a place and time and I'll be there. I must warn you that I grew up with three brothers and we had to fight for food at the dinner table :)

@rosiescribble It was fun getting your feedback and special requests for *waves* - Re: Tim's FIRST pancake flip trial, it was a job well done and I'd be bragging about it as well :) Did you notice I didn't go anywhere near the cooking area? I knew better than to tempt fate.