Friday, October 30, 2009

WARNING: Do Not Enter Login Info for Twitter!

I received a DM this morning that almost fooled me into giving away my login information for Twitter. Here's what happened...

After clicking to view my direct messages, I noticed a new DM (below) from @scheinerinc who is a trusted follower and fellow digital media professional.

The message enticed me to click on the link and after a few moments of staring at the rotating sand glass, I was redirected to this site (pictured below), which looks EXACTLY like the official Twitter login page.

The only difference? The web address was not familiar

I presume the hacker who created this web page gained access to Twitter accounts by getting users to enter their username and password into this bogus Twitter page and sent DM's to followers in an effort to hack into more accounts.

After contacting Mike via email, he confirmed it was a hacker who had spammed his followers and told me that he fixed the problem by changing his Twitter login details.

Moral of the story? Always check the URL to ensure it's from a trusted source!!! And think twice before entering your username and password!

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