Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Little Brother is Going to be a Dad!

Well, he's actually not so little anymore but you know what I mean. Who would have thought that my mischievous middle brother, David (pictured below), would be the first to start a family?

As you can imagine (btw - that's him in the back flexing), he was a huge fan of WWF (World Wresting Federation) - renamed WWE in 2002 - and he loved WrestleMania's Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Andre the Giant, and Hulk Hogan, among many other golden age wrestlers. Nobody dared to mess with his figurines unless they were prepared to be put in a headlock or worse, a DDT. It's pretty safe to say my Barbie dolls never got mixed up with his precious WWF figurines!

One of my favorite childhood memories of David was watching him play with a dot sticker between his fingers before falling asleep. He would hold his bottle with one hand and play with a dot sticker between his thumb and index finger, sticking it to each finger back and forth until he dozed off. He can't remember ever doing this, but believe me, it's all true!

And now, he's all grown up and preparing to start a family with the lovely Rosario. Where did all the time go?

Rosario and David visited me in New York last year.

David appeared in a local TV spot for Frank Hyundai thanks to Juanito.

After visiting the doctor for an ultrasound, they found out the sex of the baby! It's a BOY and everything appears to be okay!

The sonogram shows the baby's head...

and hand...

I made a few suggestions for the baby's name, but my ideas were turned down for not sounding ethnic enough (*sigh*). I've always believed that a child's name had the potential to influence the development of the child's personality and future.

Attending school in America with an ethnic name was no walk in the park for me. I hated my Chinese name growing up and wondered why my parents couldn't just pick a normal name for me. My teachers and classmates could never pronounce or spell my name, leading me to pick a more "American" sounding name, hence "Kim."

After adolescence, I eventually gained confidence and pride in my family's heritage and culture, so I reverted to using my birth name. I love my Chinese name, but it's not an easy name to use in English-speaking countries. I struggled and fought to keep it for as long as I could, but after three years of missed opportunities due to senders receiving bounceback emails and error messages, mispelled accounts and certificates, and people simply not being able to easily remember my name, I decided to go with my American name once again!

Boy, did I go off on a tangent there! Now...back to what I was saying. On behalf of everyone who knows David and Rosario, we are confident that you will make exceptional parents and the children you bring into this world are lucky to have parents who will lavish them with unconditional love and dedication.

Congratulations David and Rosario! Welcome to parenthood!

"In bringing up children, spend on them half as much money and twice as much time." ~Author Unknown

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welcome to the family rosario... congratulations david and rosario!