Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get a Glimpse of How People in Your Demo are Using the Internet

Forrester Research developed a fun little tool (see below) to help marketers determine what kind of relationship they want to build with YOU (consumers), based on what you are ready for.

Just for fun, I plugged in my information to see how other people in my demographic use social media.

Customer Profile (2008 data results)

Social Technographics classifies people according to how they use social media, including inactives, spectators, joiners, collectors, critics and creators. Click here for a simple description of each classification.

Here are the result:

It looks like I belong to 5 out of 6 different levels classified by Forrester. Overlap may occur since we may choose to read blogs and join a social network. I provided examples of how I belong to each classification in parentheses to the right.

The Social Technographics for U.S. Women from ages 25-34 is listed below:

27% Creators (Blog, Twitter, YouTube)
40% Critics (Yelp, Trip Advisor)
21% Collectors (Delicious, Digg, RSS)
52% Joiners (Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup, MySpace, etc.)
72% Spectators (Read blogs, listen to podcasts, read customer reviews)
18% Inactives

Just as I suspected, people in my demographic are mostly spectators and a little more than half are joiners. To my surprise, 18% are inactives?! That is shocking, I thought everyone was on some sort of social network!

Plug in your profile and see where you stack up!

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