Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free Tool: ShareThis Button Makes it Easy for People to Share Your Content

Every blog and website should have a ShareThis button. Why not make it easier for visitors to share your content via Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed by simply clicking a button at the bottom of an entry?

It takes only a few minutes to add the ShareThis button on Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, or any website for that matter. I regularly read blogs on my mobile and can't tell you how many times I wish there was a Sharing button so that I could easily share the content on my Twitter, Delicious and Facebook accounts.

Think about how many steps someone has to go through to share content on Twitter without a sharing button (or a Retweet button):

1. Copy the URL
2. Open a new window to a website that shortens URLs, e.g., tinyurl,,
3. Paste the URL
4. Copy the new shortened URL
5. Open another window to Twitter, login.
6. Paste the shortened URL to Twitter and hit "update"

One too many steps if you ask me, especially if you're using a mobile phone on a fully-packed, rocky tube ride without an inch between you and the next's just a hassle!

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