Tuesday, April 28, 2009

London Marathon 2009: It's a Carrot, It's a Smurf, It's Superman?!

We went out to support the runners at Flora London Marathon on Sunday near mile 24. Watching the runners run their last couple of miles was incredibly inspirational and surprisingly entertaining. While some runners made it look like a walk in the park without even breaking a sweat, others embraced the cheers from the crowd to help push them to the finish line.

The costumed runners attempting to set Guinness World Records (TM) looked like they were having the time of their lives!

Ten Guinness World Records (TM) were set on April 27th at Flora London Marathon 2009:

1. The fastest marathon dressed as Santa Claus - 2:55:50 Paul Simmons (Manchester, UK)

2. The fastest marathon in a film character costume (male) - 3:11:50 Ian Benskin (Loughborough, UK)

3. The fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable - 3:34:55 Robert Prothero (Staines, UK)

4. The fastest marathon dressed as a cartoon character (Banana Man) - 3:36:07 Darren Stone (Taunton, UK)

5. The fastest marathon in an animal costume (male) - 3:42:27 Alistair Martin (Scotland)

6. The fastest marathon dressed as a leprechaun - 4:22:08 Jack Lyons (Ireland)

7. The fastest marathon dressed in full suit - 4:19:37 Thomas Day (UK)

8. The fastest marathon dressed as a fruit - 4:32:28 Sally Orange (UK)

9. The fastest marathon carrying a 40 lb pack - 5:35:19 Gordon Chaplin (UK)

10. The most runners linked
- (6:18:41) Neal Gardner and his 29 friends from Wales

Click (below) to view my slideshow from the London Marathon or click here.

If you'd like to participate in Virgin London Marathon 2010, check out these charities listed here. Make a difference, have some fun and stay healthy while doing it!

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