Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Make sure to Bring $1.40 if you Fly with Ryanair -- Does that Include TP?

Just when you think air travel couldn't get any worse, Ryanair takes the cake with the idea of charging passengers $1.40 (£1) to use the toilet! They are actually considering to install a coin slot next to the lavatory door.

So will the coin slot accept US Dollars or just British Pounds? Can you imagine a passenger looking for coins while doing the pee-pee dance?

What could they possibly come up with next? Looks like the artist behind this cartoon may be on to something...

Attention: All Ryanair visionaries looking for more ways to piss off passengers

The cartoon was featured on Gizmodo and created by The Coast of Yemen

This may seem preposterous, but the scary thing is that it could be reality some day --- start saving those British Pounds!

Thx for forwarding this to me Nick - comic relief helps me get through the day!

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