Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Bother with a High School Reunion when you have Facebook and Myspace?

I remember watching T.V. shows and movies about high school reunions in the late 80's/early 90's, wondering whether I'd ever attend my own 10-year reunion some day.

Curiosity would be my pure motive for attending a get-together of this nature. Who will show up with the hot wife/husband? Who will gain/lose 100 pounds? Who will surprise us all with their new nose/breasts/face/body/what-have-you?

After convincing myself that satisfying my curiosity would be reason enough for me to show up to my high school reunion with a fake smile and a rehearsed narrative of what I've accomplished the last ten years...then came along sites like MySpace and Facebook!!! I created my MySpace profile back in 2006 and connected with some former classmates. MySpace was only the beginning...

When I moved to New York in 2007, the big thing was Facebook! EVERYONE in New York had a Facebook profile, it was ridiculous (of course I immediately copied and pasted my MySpace info into my Facebook account). When I met people out at bars, clubs, networking events, seminars and parties, we didn't exchange phone numbers, instead we'd tell each other how they could find us on Facebook. "I'm friends with so-and-so" or "my last name is Smith" or "I'm tagged in Sarah's New Year's Eve Album."

As many folks already know, Facebook was founded by Harvard grads and began as an exclusive social networking site for students (particularly in the east coast). It became such a HUGE hit that it was open to EVERYONE with an email address (students AND non-students). It eventually found its way over to the west coast --- slowly but surely. Most of my friends and classmates have made the conversion over to Facebook and completely ditched MySpace.

Thanks to these social networking sites, we area able to browse (and for some people, stalk) other people's profiles to get a snapshot of their lives --- at least of what they are willing to share.

So is it really worth it to attend your high school reunion anymore? MySpace and Facebook provide instant gratification! You no longer have to dread creating small talk with someone whose bloody name you can't even remember. What a relief!

Although I decided not to attend my 10-year high school reunion, I was able to check out photos posted on Facebook from classmates' photo albums (see above)! Hehe....thanks for posting :)


Alan Ferguson said...

Very interesting angle, Kim. I know that I still want to attend my 10 year reunion to hang out with everyone again, but I imagine there will be FAR less 'catch-up' small talk with many of my friends. A whole new dynamic is nigh, with conversations that start with "Omg I saw the album of your newborn! She's so cute!" or "I can't believe you dated _____ for so long! I was so relieved to see when your statuses changed back to single."

With less catching one another up on whats happened, perhaps more energy can be put forth into the evening's drinking and partying, creating new memories? Or what if it indeed makes the reunion pointless, and no one has anything to say to one another...

Time will tell. Thanks for the food for thought!

*ehu. said...

I figure if I haven't found you MySpace or Facebook then we're probably not gonna be hanging out anytime soon. EVERYONE'S on either one of those sites. So really, would there be a need to go to a H.S. reunion. Plus, if you still live in the area, like I do, just going to WalMart is a reunion in me.