Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just 4 Fun: Introducing My Folks to the Internet

I'm currently visiting my parents in El Centro, CA (120 miles east of San Diego) for some quality time with the family --- little did I know what I was signing myself up for. Ahhh...just like the good old days! Helping my parents at the restaurant was never glamorous, e.g. mopping, sweeping, washing dishes, food prep, working the register, running errands, but most importantly --- completing all of these tasks with a SMILE on my face! Oh the joy.

Before my departure to London to be reunited with Nick, I decided to introduce my parents to what we all know as the INTERNET. Just a couple of months ago, they thought the Internet was the actual computer! *Sigh* You gotta love 'em!

Don't get me wrong, my parents are intelligent and extremely business savvy and I have the utmost respect for them, but some things are completely left in the dark. I envy their diligence and ability to recognize a business opportunity before anyone else --- natural-born entrepreneurs! My parents are perfect examples of immigrants living out their American Dream.

So the fun began when I connected to the Internet and showed them what came up in search engines when I typed in the name of our restaurant. We searched using various keywords and they were disappointed in the results. "Why are they (competitors) coming up?" You should have seen the look on their faces. Priceless.

I must admit, there were moments when I wanted to launch the laptop across the room, but I didn't. Can I really afford a new laptop right now? J/K

I figured the easiest way to demonstrate the importance of the Internet was to create a Web site or blog for the restaurant. After snapping some photos of the restaurant, we sat down together and started to develop content for a simple blog ( The goal was for my parents to understand the basics of SEO and realize the marketing tools that are readily available with a click of a mouse.

Once we launched the blog and gave the spyders a few days to crawl, we ran the searches again...and voila! Just like magic (well, almost), they witnessed the results and became excited about the Internet --- especially now that they have their very own blog for the family business.

They truly are the 'BESTEST' parents any kid could ever wish for.

This is the closest I'll ever get to cooking in a kitchen. My last cooking experience almost resulted in me burning down Nick's flat!!!


Unknown said...

Ahhh -- thats my baby!!

Mr Dinkle Says: said...

Your parents look good. It's been a long time since I've seen them.

It's amazing what our parents endured for the american dream. I often wonder how I'll impart that on my kids, now that I'm starting a family.

Have fun in London and send mine and my family's regards to your parents.

*ehu. said...

Why was their donut shop in SD named "Christy's doughnuts"? Who was Christy?

Kim Hong said...

Good Question! I guess none of us wanted the shop named after was already bad enough that kids teased us at we just left it the way it was when we took over.