Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Twitter Addiction

I've been micro-blogging on Twitter for a few months and love it! Like most people new to Twitter, I didn't know what to do after setting up my profile. I started following social media evangelists and people in the travel industry, and pretty much kept a low profile while observing the Twittersphere.

To personalize my Twitterspace, I changed my background, included a link to my blog, and uploaded a photo of myself. I posted articles that I found interesting and included a personal tweet about what I was doing (keeping in mind NOT to overdo the personal tweets). Twitter-ers started to "follow me" and I quickly became hooked.

Why are these people following me? Who are they? Who else are they following?
Once I started to receive direct message from random followers regarding my posts, the Twitter addiction began! I opted for my cell phone to receive direct tweets and set up my cell phone to post updates in real-time. By doing this, I was able to post updates via text while I was out and about. After a few weeks, I started to understand why people tweet.

For me, it's a nice place to "hang out" with people who share similar interests. When I say "nice," I mean user-friendly and non-threatening because some online communities are intimidating, e.g. SecondLife. With Twitter, I get the feeling that we are all on the same boat. We share a fascination with social media and enjoy developing online relationships.

Twitter has helped me on a professional and personal level. Twitter-ers have responded to my questions regarding wikipedia entries, interns, road trip advice, rental car companies, and much more!

I find that early adopters genuinely want to help others by providing valuable information, but I've started to notice a lot of messages from marketers --- it was good while it lasted I suppose.

All in all, I'd say my Twitter experience has been only positive (thus far that is). If you are thinking about joining, what are you waiting for? (uh-hum - this means you Melissa)

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