Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Couple = Three Weddings

Congratulations to Vu and Monica! These two lovebirds were recently hitched, not once or twice, but THREE times! It wasn't enough to say "I do" in Mexico, so they did it again in San Diego, and then again in Vancouver!

I've known Vu and his family since the early 80s. I have some funny childhood photos of us filed away in a family album somewhere at my parents' home collecting dust...ahhh the good old days! After my family moved to Chula Vista in the 90s, we lost touch during most of our adoloscence, but we reconnected in college and kept in touch since. Thanks to email and MSN messenger, staying in touch was pretty much effortless.

When Vu told me that he had found THE ONE only after dating Monica for three months, I knew he was serious. I never thought of Vu as the "impulsive type," so when he told me he was head over heels for Monica, I knew he had found HER, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with happily ever after.

Words can't really explain how Vu knew Monica was the love of his life, but when he talked about her, you could just sense the sincerity and authenticity of his love for her. Read about how he proposed to Monica here.

Some people believe couples should date for at least a year or two before getting hitched, but can you really put a time schedule on love? I don't think so.

So why the three weddings? She's from Canada, he's from San Diego, and what if the couple wants a destination wedding? How do you decide on the wedding location? Why not have it all and plan three weddings? Talk about over-the-top, but you know what? They pulled it off and made it all look so easy.

Nick and I were honored to attend their special celebration in Mexico.

It was the first time Nick and I attended a beach wedding, and we both didn't know what was appropriate to wear. So if you are ever invited to a beach wedding, here are some tips for appropriate beach wedding attire for guests:

* Do wear khaki or linen pants.
* Do wear sun dresses.
* Do wear sandals/flip flops or shoes with smaller heels. It's difficult to walk on sand with 3-inch heels!
* Do wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
* Do not wear t-shirts. Wear a button-down shirt.
* Do not wear shorts. Although one or two people will show up in shorts, do YOU want to be that person?
* Remember to bring sunblock. You can be stuck in the sun for a long time before the bride walks down the aisle, so protect yourself!

I have to admit, I felt a little uncomfortable wearing my dress with sandals, so next time I'll wear a long flowy dress that covers my feet entirely.

Here are some cool beach wedding ideas to note:

As we approached the wedding setup on the beach, they handed out these cool sun umbrellas!

It was HOT, HOT, HOT! Everyone was sweating profusely and fanning themselves with the program, so the resort staff handed out refreshing, cold bottles of water to guests. GREAT IDEA!

The entire ceremony was HEARD. Thanks to the use of a microphone, guests were able to hear every poem, speech and vow -- loud and clear!

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