Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pulling the Plug on Youmail?

It's almost been a month since I've been using Youmail and I have to admit, it didn't meet my expectations.


* Personalization: You can select different pre-recorded greetings for each person on your contact list


* Retrieval: After hearing a message using Youmail, you can't listen to the message again (I couldn't figure out how to listen to saved messages)

* Transcription quality: Although I understand it's not a human transcribing my voicemails, the texts that I received that 'attempt' to transcribe my messages were useless, i.e. "Hi funny you know what I'm like oh I had never heard your.." Ehhh???

* Ads: You will receive ads via text!!!

* Contacts: You have to manually add contacts from your phone to Youmail's Web site, unless you have them saved in your Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

So...I guess it's goodbye Youmail.

Juan: thanks for introducing me to this technology! I'm always up for checking out new things.

Stay tuned...once my computer is fixed (I somehow managed to become infected with the sasser virus in the form of the lsass.exe type -- whatever that means!), I will explore Google Chrome...


Anonymous said...

Give us a call at YouMail customer support and we'll help you out: 800-374-0013.

1) Your saved voicemail can be listened to online (it's in your saved folder). But by pressing # when you play a voicemail, it's "skipped", which keeps it easily accessible by phone.

2) You can import contacts from almost anywhere if you can generate CSV files - we can show you how (and we're working to make better).

3) Yes, you receive ads in the text messages alerting you of voicemail - but you never receive a message that's just an ad. The service is free, so we have to make money somehow.

4) Yes, the transcriptions have some big issues - though you'll see some big improvements shortly, and they're easy to turn off if they're not helpful.

Kim Hong said...

Wow!! Someone from YouMail actually left a comment that addressed all my concerns. I truly appreciate the tips and value their outreach. This is the kind of company that I commend for always trying to improve their product/service.

However, with that said, 1) Who really wants to access their voicemail online and even knows to press # to skip a message in order to save it? 2) Not everyone will have a phone that can generate CSV files - perhaps it's just a matter of time before everyone jumps on that bandwagon, 3) What if the ad exceeds the character limit for a single text? Users can be charged per text if they don't have unlimited texts each month right? 4) Transcriptions were the big TURN ON for me when I first heard about the service. When I'm in a meeting and get a new voicemail, I thought it would be great to be able to 'read' the message via text, but it turned out to be a bunch of googly-goop!

No worries YouMail - I know you will have all these things sorted out. Thanks for your feedback.

Juan Kobra Navarrro said...

I still stand by Youmail. I've told several people about it and they all seem content. I now like them even more knowing that they reached out to you to address your concerns. I've actually figured out how to transfer my contacts to my mac (If you still have the same phone i do, i can show you how) all and all i will continue to spread the word about youmail. ( I play a game where i try to figure out the voicemail from the gibberish text; works awesome when it's in spanish!) Alright kimmy I'll talk to you later.

Kim Hong said...

Bravo Juan!!! Welcome to 2008 :-) You actually created a Blogger account..it's about time. Perhaps you will consider MySpace and Facebook..I know, I know, baby-steps, baby-steps!