Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Google Chrome

Have you ever asked yourself why you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape? I've been using Internet Explorer since high school, not realizing that there were other options. IE was the browser set up on computers at my high school, university, workplaces, laptops, and even the internet cafes I've visited worldwide, so I didn't even think twice about considering the other browsers out there.

After all the pitter-patter about Google Chrome, I decided to check out what the buzz was all about. For those who haven't explored it yet, I recommend you check it out here. Google Chrome is definitely SEXY, but has a few kinks it needs to work out before I convert. Here are the top three features I liked about Chrome:

1. It's super-duper fast! I can have 20 tabs open simultaneously and it doesn't effect the speed of my Internet - tre cool!

2. Incognito mode, aka "Porn" mode, gives you the freedom to browse ANY site without ever saving your history. Not that I would ever use it...but I'm sure this is one of the more popular features :-)

3. It keeps a snap shot of nine of my most visited sites on the main page for easy access! Convenient for impatient people like me. Yay!

So what's the takeaway from this experience? The most important thing I learned from investing a few hours researching browsers is that there are so many options that I never knew existed (or cared to learn about). We sometimes get sucked into using one thing simply because it's what's there. After exploring browser options, I decided to go with Firefox (for now)! It appears to be the browser of choice among my tech savvy friends and industry experts.

Read more about the browser battle in the NetworkWorld article.

Here's a fun video of a woman asking people Firefox vs. Internet Explorer!

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