Friday, September 26, 2008

Combining My Worlds

Yesterday turned out to be quite a special day for me. I wasn't too thrilled about celebrating another birthday (that's for sure), but being surrounded with people who care for me reminded me of what birthdays should really be about. It's about taking the time to appreciate your friends and loved ones that have stood by you throughout the years, and not about covering up gray hairs and wrinkles --- not that I have any of course! I'm Asian, I'm supposed to look 16 FOREVER!

As we get older, developing new friendships become more difficult because we are so stubborn and can't be bothered with people who don't "get" us. We are exposed to so many people with different values and backgrounds, especially in New York City, a city notorious for being filled with "rude" people. You can only imagine how nervous I was when I left San Diego, land of the "laid back beach bums who are always tan and happy."

Nineteen months after leaving my hometown, I celebrated my birthday yesterday with old and new friends from different circles. Most people are apprehensive about combining their worlds (different circle of friends), but I was confident that my friends would all get along, which was definitely the case last night. From high school friends, former colleagues and friends of friends to running partners and friends I met while studying in Singapore (7 years ago)--- they all showed up with smiles, hugs and kisses! It was the perfect evening and I simply couldn't ask for more. Actually, there was one very special person that was MIA, but he will be flying into NYC in a few hours. I guess I can always photoshop him into the photos. Thanks for the beautiful flowers Nick!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who showed up last night at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in NYC, Mexican Radio. Your compliments about my new do was greatly appreciated! I love you ALL very much...until next year!

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