Monday, August 18, 2008

Texting Under the Influence - Intexicated

Intexicated: Sending texts to former lovers or the wrong person while inebriated. Usually leads to regret and undesired consequences.

Interesting Statistics

According to a survey done by Virgin, a whopping 95% of those surveyed (some 400 drunken sots, apparently) admitted to drunk dialing or drunk texting following a drinking session. Nearly one-third of the phone calls went to an ex, and 19% went to a current partner.

And oh, the imagery: fifty-five percent said that on the morning after, the first thing that they did was reach for their cell phone to figure out who they had called the night before.

Perhaps the US should jump on the bandwagon and implement some of these services to prevent irreversible dialing and texting:

Virgin’s “dialing under the influence” service allows people to program numbers into their cell phone which they don’t want to call during a bender. Those numbers become undialable until 6:00 a.m. the following morning.

Earlier this year, LG released a cell phone in Great Britain and South Korea that included a built-in breathalyzer for measuring callers' blood alcohol content. The goal of the breathalyzer in the phone is to put an end to embarrassing drunken phone calls and, more importantly, deadly drunken driving. (The Daily Free Press)

Do you have a drunk texting/dialing story to share? You can use pseudonyms!!!

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