Thursday, August 28, 2008

Viral Videos: Secrets Revealed

Authentic user-generated videos like "Where the Hell is Matt," "Evolution of Dance" and my personal favorite, "Ha ha ha (laughing baby)," have captured the attention of companies - big and small. These videos have each been viewed by well over 20,000,000 people and the best thing about them is that they cost close to nothing to produce. The ROI is infinite!!! Of course companies want a piece of this action, but creating a video with the intention for it to go viral is not easy.

Below is an interesting video that reveals the secret strategies behind many viral videos.

Some of the tips provided seem shady to me. What do you think?

* Applying "strategic" tags (fake)
* Paying bloggers to post content
* Commenting on your own video to elicit participation
* Placing a thumbnail image not related to the video for the mere purpose of "tricking" people tp click on your video.

Perhaps that's the difference from PR and marketing...

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