Friday, August 15, 2008

08-08-08: My Lucky Day

At exactly 11:40pm on Friday, August, 8th, 2008, I was told it was my lucky day.

I was in Toronto on a connecting flight to London, and decided to pick up some snacks while people anxiously lined up to board the plane --- you just never know if there will be meals served on planes anymore or if you'll end up paying $5 for a bag of chips! As I paid for my snacks, the cashier told me she could only give me change in Canadian dollars --- uh, no thank you! I quickly handed over my Visa.

As I approach the flight attendant at the gate, he asked me, "Are you traveling alone?"

I sadly replied, "Yes."

He took my boarding pass and ripped it up and handed me a new freshly printed boarding pass and said, "Today's your lucky day."

I looked at the pass and it read, "Executive First/Super Affaires."

OMG --- was this really happening? I entered the plane and the flight attendants were ready to point me toward the right of the plane (economy class). He looked at my pass (he actually did a double-take on it), and a smile quickly apppeared on his face as he happily guided me to the left. It was incredible! I didn't even have the chance to put my baggage in the overhead compartment and the flight attendant was already offering me champagne. Of course I kept my cool and pretended like I fly first-class regularly, but deep down inside, it was kind of like losing my first-class virginity. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's the best way to describe what went down at that moment --- lost, confused, excited, and did my best to keep my cool.

I opened up the little travel kit. It included the usual items (not sure exactly what I was expecting --- perhaps Kiehl products?): toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, breathspray, travel shoes, and a sleeping eye mask. As I looked around, the man next to me was sprawled out and dead asleep. How did he turn his seat into a bed? No wonder there was all that space between the seats! I discreetly tried to search for the buttons (can't let people know I've never flown first-class before ya know). UGH! I couldn't find them...there were so many levers and buttons around me! Just as I was about to give up, I reached for the eye mask and TA-DA! It was on the left side panel of my seat....ahhhhh! I got comfortable, put on the eye mask and the next words I heard were, "Miss, we're about to land in thirty minutes, would you like to order breakfast?"

I SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE FLIGHT!!! It was magnificent! Thanks Air Canada! This was an experience I'll never forget --- I was well rested and full of energy for Nick when I landed in Heathrow. Perhaps there is something to why Chinese astrology considers 08-08-08 to be lucky.

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