Monday, July 7, 2008

Top Friends, Single, In a Relationship, or better yet, "It's Complicated?" makes me laugh how we define our relationships on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. I must admit, I myself am guilty of some of these situations described below (either because I did it or someone did it to me):

*You get in a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and immediately change your status from "in a relationship" to "single"

* Within 24 hours, you make up and revert the status

* You get in a fight with your friend and remove them from your "Top Friends" list

* Or better yet, you delete them entirely

* A friend asks you, why they aren't in a higher position in your "Top Friends" list (OMG - I had no idea there were even positions)

* Someone confronts you about why they only get the limited profile

* Your boyfriend/girlfriend status is set to "Swinger" - allowing for 'others' to view them as possibly available?

* You're partner asks why you removed them from your profile picture

* You're partner asks why you are still Myspace or Facebook friends with your ex

* You find out your boyfriend/girlfriend decides to announce your business to the world by stating "It's Complicated."

What's next? Will people start breaking up with each other via status updates which is then updated on RSS feeds for all your friends to know? If that's the case, should we expect digital gifts, e.g. chocolates, flowers, hugs, shoulder-to-lean-on, from our FB and Myspace friends? I would almost prefer a break up via voicemail, text message or even a post-it note.

Please feel free to add any fun examples of your own!

BTW - Let's not forget the "Whatever I can get" option...what a joke!

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