Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Italians attempting to master an American tradition-- Mechanical Bullriding!

Went out with the Italian mafia last night! Mattia, Otmaro, Mierco, Simone and Geralyn (not quite Italian, but almost). Mattia insisted on starting the night off eating PIZZA HUT of all things to eat in NYC! We took the subway to LES and met up with Elliott and Veronica (who just flew in from Canada). Otmaro and Mattia coordinated outfits (both wore vests) so that we would be able to identify the Italians in a crowd. We met at Verlaine, which is a great venue to meet for drinks before going out in the LES. After the rest of the maffia showed up (Mierco, his gf and Simone), we went to Mason Dixon --- to test out their COJONES!!! They all passed with flying colors. I'm not quite sure how someone convinved ME to ride the bull, but I did, and now I'm hurtin'! Thanks for all the support (Joy). You guys are awesome and I had so much fun.

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